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SPK Engineering's past projects

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S.R. 0021 Section 10D

Michael Kilgore

Greene County
$5.125 million
Client: PennDOT Engineering District 12-0
Contact: Mr. James Sisul (724-439-7379)
Project Letting: January 2016

This project included the reconstruction and realignment of two intersections and a new traffic signal. The project also included 2,165’ of roadway construction.


S.R. 0040 Section 129

Michael Kilgore

Project Cost: $1.70 million
Client: Engineering District 12-0
Project Manager - Mr. William Beaumariage (724-439-7378)

Roadway Realignment and Safety Improvements - Chalk Hill, Fayette County - The project consisted of re-aligning the intersection of S.R. 0040 and S.R. 2010 to 1,200-feet west of the previous intersection to provide adequate sight distance. The realignment of S.R. 2010 required a new traffic signal, addition of a designated left-turn lane and the widening and resurfacing of the S.R. 0040 mainline.


S.R. 0031 Section 011

Michael Kilgore

Cost: $3.4 million
Project Length: 3,215'
Client: PennDOT Engineering District 9-0
Contact: Mr. James Pruss, P.E. (814-696-6850)

Pleasant Hill Road Intersection Improvement - The project consisted of realigning S.R. 0031 and redesigning a Township Road intersection to improve stopping and intersection sight distances. SPK worked closely with the District to successfully complete preliminary and final design within nine (9) months. The work included considerable right-of-way acquisition, roadway geometry design, traffic control design, geotechnical work, E&S and NPDES coordination, public involvement and coordination with the Turnpike Commission