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SPK Engineering's past projects

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S.R. 0519 Section L11

Michael Kilgore





Cost: $2.06 million
Client: PennDOT Engineering District 12-0
Contact: Mr. William Oshnack (724-439-7321)

Intersection Improvement - This project included radius improvements and drainage improvements to a high volume intersection in Houston Borough. The project also included two (2) signalized intersections. 

S.R. 3007 Section 001

Michael Kilgore

Cost: $916,000
Project Length: 1,012 feet
Client: Engineering District 9-0
Contact: Monica Farabaugh (814-696-7160)

Intersection Improvement - This project consists of reconfiguration of an offset intersection (Goucher Street and Harshberger Street) and addition of turning lanes. This project also includes one (1) new traffic signal. The total length of roadway widening, overlay, and/or reconstruction is 1,012’. 

S.R. 0119 Section 571

Michael Kilgore

Cost: $720,00.00
Client: Engineering District 10-0
Contact: Mr. Mark Rozich, P.E. (724-357-2852)

Bell’s Mills Intersection Improvement - The project consisted of the addition of a left turn lane as well as excavation and grading of the existing slopes to improve intersection sight distance. Two (2) residential structures were displaced as a result of the excavation. In addition, resurfacing and shoulder reconstruction was performed.