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SPK Engineering's past projects

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S.R. 0403 Section 008

Michael Kilgore

Price: $4.13 million
Client: Engineering District 9-0
Contact: Kristen Swan (814-696-6840) or Alice Hammond (814-696-7172);
Project Letting 2012

Silk Memorial Bridge Replacement - This project included a two span (226.5’ overall) steel girder bridge to replace the existing deteriorated concrete closed-spandrel arch bridge over the Stoneycreek River. The bridge detailing included architectural surface treatments on the pier and barrier systems. The pedestrian barrier was also detailed to mimic the existing open baluster system complete with architectural lighting. Extensive coordination with area utilities and the USCOE was necessary to advance the project through utility clearance and environmental permitting respectively. 


S.R. 3030 Section 001

Michael Kilgore

 Price: $1.07 million
Client: PennDOT, Engineering District 9-0
Contact: Melissa Irwin (814-696-6858)
Project Letting 2013

S.R. 3030 Emergency Slide Correction – This project included a 262’ Prefabricated Retaining Wall Structure to repair and stabilize a slide failure along S.R. 3030, just outside the village of Mineral Point. Drainage improvements were also made in an effort to mitigate future slides in the area.


S.R. 1012 Section 001

Michael Kilgore

 Price: $1.43 million
Client: Engineering District 9-0
Contact: James Pruss (814-696-6850)

Clearfield Creek Bridge #2 – Emergency Bridge Replacement over Clearfield Creek - This project included a single span (100’-0” overall c/c brgs.) precast concrete adjacent box beam bridge. The bridge was replaced on an emergency basis due to failure of the existing steel truss from traffic damage. The project also included approximately 675’ of approach roadway work.