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SPK Engineering's past projects

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S.R. 0997, Section 027

Michael Kilgore



Cost: $1.22 Million
Client: PennDOT District 8-0
Contact: Mr. Benjamin Singer, P.E. (717-787-6690)
Project Letting - April 2016

Franklin County - This project consisted of the replacement of the existing single span Steel I-Beam Bridge that carries S.R. 0997 over Muddy Run with a new single span Prestressed Spread Box Beam Bridge on integral abutments.  Minimal roadway approach work was included for approximately 250 feet on the southern approach and 100 feet on the northern approach.  The design maintained existing horizontal alignment, while the vertical alignment was slightly adjusted to allow for adequate clearance over Muddy Run.  Traffic control consisted of a detour.

S.R. 4002 Section A02/A03

Michael Kilgore

Cost: $1.275 million
Client: Engineering District 2-0
Contact: Mr. Craig Sattesahn, P.E. (814-765-0678)
Project Letting - 2011

Structure Replacements - This project included the replacement of two (2) existing bridges with a prestressed concrete spread box beam bridge (69’ span - Section A02) with integral abutments, and a precast concrete box culvert (24’ span - Section A03). The projects also included 400’ and 515’ of roadway reconstruction for Sections A02 and A03 respectively. 

S.R. 2045, Section B10

Michael Kilgore

During Construction

During Construction

Project Cost:  $346,000
Client: Donegal Construction (Design-Build Contractor)/Engineering District 12-0 (Owner)
Contact: Ron Holsopple (Contractor - 724-423-7500 x 210)
Bill Oshnack (PennDOT - 724-439-7321)

Structure Replacement over Twomile Run - Westmoreland County - This project included the replacement of a single span steel bridge with a single span prestressed concrete spread box beam integral abutment bridge (44’ c-c brgs.). The project also included 215 LF of approach roadway work.