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SPK Engineering's past projects

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S.R. 3026 Section B02

Michael Kilgore

Project Cost: $1.3 million
Client: Allison Park Contractors, Inc. / Engineering District 11-0
Contact: Ms. Cheryl Solosky, P.E.
Project Letting – November 2016

Beaver County- The project consists of the replacement of the existing single span steel I-beam bridge carrying SR 3026 (Gas Valley Road) over Branch of South Fork of Tomlinson Run with a precast concrete box culvert.   Minor approach roadway work was also part of the design-build contract. 

S.R. 4004, Section L02

Michael Kilgore

Project Cost: $0.917 million
Client: Engineering District 11-0
Contact: Mr. Robert W. Turoczy, P.E. (412-429-4899)
Project Letting - January 2017

Beaver County- The project consists of the replacement of an existing concrete deck on a two-span prestressed concrete adjacent box beam bridge (201.5’ overall span). The project also includes the necessary analysis and detailing to eliminate the existing deck joint over the pier, producing a continuous superstructure. Minor approach roadway and substructure repair work will also be part of the construction contract. 

Henry Mancini Bridge - S.R. 3050, Section B01

Michael Kilgore

Cost: $3.2 Million
Client: Engineering District 11-0
Contact: Bob Collins, P.E. (412-429-4928)
Project Letting - August 2015

Beaver County -  This project is the preservation of an existing nine-span steel girder bridge carrying a local road (owned by the City of Aliquippa) over S.R. 0051 NB, tracks of CSX Railroad, and various local streets. The preservation activities include bearing replacement, concrete repairs, superstructure retrofits to convert several simple spans to continuous spans, and partial deck hydrodemolition and latex overlay.